Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Run for God - Weight loss journey

Looks like my blog will be going into a new direction.  For the longest, the only thing it seemed I blogged about was infertility.  I now have a new hobby and its called...RUN FOR GOD! Which has led to what appears to be a near future addiction of 5K's so, I will probably be blogging more about that now than anything. 

Just a little briefing to bring everyone up to date on my running.  Most people follow me on facebook so probably already know it all but the quick sum up is back in September, my church started a Discipleship training class called Run for God.  It is a 12 week preparation program to prep you to your first 5K but in doing so, it is supposed to bring you closer to God with devotionals and you are running to rebuild your temple for him and as you run, to spread the word of Christ with those around you.  I absolutely love what this class is doing for me.  I joined the class for multiple reasons a couple of which were 1) To do just as the class is for, Run for God and become closer with him 2) get to know more people within the church better and 3) loose some of this horrendous weight in which I have gained.  I am so ashamed and embarrassed to say but I had gained 93 pounds from the time me and Trent met until I started this journey.  I gained this weight 1 because I was not playing softball and working out anymore but the weight didn't start drastically adding on until I was on 3 high doses of steroids to try and get rid of hives which stuck around for a little over a month and then of course, 9 rounds of fertility meds didn't help anything at all.  I gained quick with those meds.  Anyways, September 3rd, I have lost a total of 18 pounds so far.  I am only 1 pound away from meeting my first weight loss goal.  I can't believe I am fixing to announce it but my first goal was to be below 200 pounds.  Below is a comparison picture from June to middle of October.  I can't tell it just by looking at myself but I can definitely see the difference in clothes and in my face.

I thank God for this wonderful Run for God group and especially the leader of the group for being such a wonderful inspiration, encourager, motivator and most of all, a wonderful Godly woman in which Christ just shines right through her.

We are now on week 8 of Run for God which is to walk for 5 minute warm up, jog 20 straight minutes, walk 5 minute cool down.  In the beginning, Amber asked me, "Do you really think you can run 20 minutes?"  My answer was, "Do I think I can?  NO!  But, I am going to believe that I can!"  Welp, believing in God to pull me through got me just to where I wanted to be.  God knew I could all along but only with his help.  I DONE IT!  I have now done 3 nights of it and am tickled to death.  I just keep repeating to myself during these runs "Where does my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord!  Maker of heaven and earth."  In a couple of weeks, we are supposed to run for 30 minutes and even though I am running my 20, I can't help but to have doubts about the 30 minutes.  I just have to keep on believing that God will pull me through it.

The plan with the Run for God group was that we would run a 5K after we completed the training and the leaders hopes were that Mars Hill could host their first annual Mars Hill Run for God 5K.  That was said on one Sunday and by the next Sunday, Praise God, everything was just falling right into place and our own 5K was already in the works and being planned.  The 5K will be on November 16th.  We would love to have anyone and everyone to join us.  Below is the info incase anyone would like to register and do it with us.

We are Running for God to rebuild our Temple one step at a time and sharing Christ Jesus through health and fitness. With this 5K, the money made will be donated to our missions team to help those who wish to go on a mission trip however maybe can't afford it.

Who: Anyone and Everyone - Age groups ranging from 1 - 60+ - Runners and Walkers
What: Run for God 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run
When: Saturday, November 16th at 6pm
Where: Lawrenceburg Public Square
Price: 1 Mile Fun Run - $10 (pre register) or $15 race day
5K - $15 (pre register) or $20 race day
*T-Shirts are guaranteed for all pre registered runners!

Please share this with everyone you know. I am so excited to run my first 5K with such a wonderful group of encouraging and uplifting Christian people that I have been training with for the past 8 weeks and will continue up until race day and I pray this group continues even after race day!

Event details click link below:

To register, click link below:

I also have some pamphlets if anyone would like one/some.  In the pamphlet, there is a registration form you can tear out and mail in to register also instead of doing it online if you would rather.

That is all for this blog but stay tuned because I will be blogging about my first 5K which I have already done and the next upcoming 5K's that I have already registered for.  I have 3 that I have already registered for in November alone. 

I am so excited and again, am loving everything about this class.

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